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Our office will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. For 24/7 emergency delivery and service over the long weekend, please call us at 603-898-7986.
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Seasonal Tips


Spring safety

Spring brings with it warmer weather and the start of the gardening and excavation season. Even small, shallow excavation jobs can be a risk if you don’t know where underground lines and equipment are buried.It’s important to know what’s below. Call 811 to avoid utility service disruption, harm to you and those around you, as well as fines and repair costs


Summer Storm Safety Guide

As New Englanders, we may think of snowstorms first when it comes to harsh weather, but summer can also bring its share of harsh weather. Should severe summer weather strike, follow these rules to keep you and your loved ones safe!

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Have an emergency plan in place.

The Red Cross suggests designating a safe place in your home for your family to gather during a strong thunderstorm (away from windows, skylights and glass doors that could be broken by strong winds or hail). Discuss safety measures and gather emergency supplies (such as water, flashlights, and batteries) in advance.

Check detectors.

Both propane gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are crucial propane safety devices that can protect you in the event of a propane leak or equipment malfunction. Test that they are in good working order at least twice a year and replace batteries in the Fall.

Review shutoff procedures.

Know where and how to shut off your electricity, water, outdoor propane valve and indoor propane appliances. Contact us and/or other appropriate utility providers for instructions if you’re unsure how to do this.

Know the signs of a leak.

Everyone in your household should be able to recognize and identify the “rotten egg” smell that could indicate a propane leak. Call us or 911 immediately if you smell propane.

Inspect debris and damage with caution.

After damaging weather, put safety first when inspecting the equipment in and around your home. Never use a candle when checking your equipment and never stand in water when inspecting home appliances. Stay clear of downed lines and wires and be aware of loose or falling branches.

Never attempt DIY propane repairs.

If you suspect any storm-related damage was caused to your propane equipment, do not approach it or attempt repairs yourself. Call us or 911 immediately.


Fall Safety

Fall is not without its share of hazards. Here are some tips to be prepared for whatever weather challenges may come your way this season:

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Never drive through floodwaters! Fall can often bring with it rainy weather, and heavy rains can be a common occurrence as September and October are still part of hurricane season. If you encounter fast moving water or a flooded roadway as you are driving or walking, it’s best to turn around and find another route. You do not know the conditions under the water. All it takes is 6 inches of moving water to make you fall. And keep children and pets from playing in floodwater.

Leaf Hazards

Leaves, like floodwater, can pose hazards for motorists. Fallen leaves can gather on roadways and when they become wet, they can create very slick conditions. Add freezing temperatures to the mix and your vehicle will have zero traction, similar to driving on an icy road. In addition, leaves can cover important road markings or deep potholes. Likewise, never drive through a pile of leaves. Tree stumps, rocks, and other hazards could be hidden beneath. It’s important to slow down when driving on a leaf-covered roadway, and always give plenty of room between you and other cars in case anyone has to stop short.

Many “leaf peepers” are out on the roadways and many can be distracted by foliage vistas. Be alert to what other motorists are doing.

Reduced Visibility

With the days getting shorter, visibility when driving in the fall can be a challenge. Many people walk along the side of the road at dusk and can be difficult to see. School is also in session so kids are out playing. Additionally, fall is a time when wildlife is more active and on the move. Slow down when driving, especially on curvy or narrow roads where visibility around corners is difficult.


Winter Safety

Here are some safety tips to ensure you and your family can stay warm without worry this winter!

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Keep your driveway clear

However you handle snowfall at your property, it is important to make sure your driveway is cleared for safe, on-time delivery. Clearing your driveway after each storm also helps for the next! As temperatures fluctuate, snow melts and can potentially refreeze, causing a dangerous and difficult to remove layer of underlying ice. Please be sure your driveway is both free of snow and ice and sanded if needed. If we can’t get up your driveway, we will have to reschedule to another day.

Shovel access paths to your fill pipe

Please remember to clear a path to your fill pipe or propane tank after every snowfall. Our drivers need a clear, well-sanded path so they can complete your fuel delivery safely. If it’s icy, please put down sand or salt. If your fill location is inaccessible, we will have to reschedule delivery to another day.

Keep an eye on your fuel gauge

We always encourage you to be on automatic delivery. However, if you prefer to be on will-call fuel delivery, please remember to check your gauges regularly and call us 7 to 10 days prior to needing a delivery. Please call us when your propane tank is at no less than 40% full or your oil tank is at no less than 3/8 full. If an emergency delivery is needed, a special trip charge will apply. Minimum delivery depends on tank size; an additional fee applies to less than minimum delivery orders.


Don’t Let Freeze-Ups Put You in a Jam!
If you leave your heating system operational while your home is unoccupied for an extended period of time, your home could be at risk.


Save a Stamp, Money and More
Send an email to, along with your account number, and tell us you would like to go paperless and earn 250 Palmer Points (Coming soon to our North Hampton Office customers!)! We will do the rest.


Know the law before you start digging!
Did you know it is the law to call Dig Safe® before digging on your property? Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or hire a professional... learn what to do before you start digging.