Annual Comprehensive Tune-up • 15% off Repairs & Diagnostic Charges • Priority Service

Tune-up includes, but is not limited to:

  • Test carbon monoxide levels.
  • Clean and adjust burners and inspect heat exchanger.
  • Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans and circulator pumps. (as needed)
  • Clean pilot assembly. (as needed)
  • Install air filter. (customer supplied)
  • Inspect flue pipe and gas valve.
  • Test and tighten all wiring and connections.
  • Flush condensate drain to protect overflow.
  • Check temperature rise and fan speeds.
  • Inform customer of equipment condition. Recommend necessary repairs.
Your equipment must qualify for our Heating Oil Comfort PLUS Plan.

Annual Comprehensive Tune-up • Free Repairs on Listed Items*
Free Diagnostic Charges • 15% off all Other Repairs • Priority Service

Tune-up includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clean heating unit, vent pipe and chimney base.
  • Clean and adjust electrode and nozzle assembly.
  • Replace oil nozzle and oil filter.
  • Test and adjust all safety and operating controls.
  • Inspect flue pipe, barometric damper and combustion chamber.
  • Test oil pump operation.
  • Check oil tank and lines.
  • Inform customer of equipment condition.

*For a list of parts covered, please click here.


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