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Price Assurance (Cap Program):

This program combines the best of both worlds, in-which you are guaranteed the lowest possible price. Secure your fuel gallons at a set maximum price per gallon and you will never pay more than that price. But, if the price of fuel drops on the day you receive a delivery, you pay the lower price, guaranteed. This plan protects you if fuel prices go up or down!!

  • Never pay more per gallon, pay less if the price of fuel drops on the day you receive a delivery.
  • Pay a CAP Insurance fee on your fuel, so you are guaranteed the lowest possible price and protected if your price go up.
  • Receive all the benefits of being a Palmer Gas & Oil Customer, with our Palmer Points, service contracts and more!
  • Can be combined with our Easy Pay Budget Plan.
Prebuy – Fixed Price Protection:

You can protect yourself from rising fuel prices throughout the heating season by securing all of your gallons upfront when you make your purchase. You will also gain peace of mind, not having to think about your fuel prices for another year!

  • Lock in your price for a specific number of heating oil and/or propane gallons.
  • One payment due upfront for the entire heating season*.
  • Since you already bought your fuel you will not have additional fuel bills throughout the heating season, as long as you have gallons remaining on your account.
  • Your price will not change, regardless of what the market does.
  • Receive all the benefits of being a Palmer Gas & Oil Customer, with our Palmer Points, service contracts, and more!
  • Program runs October 1st through April 30th.
      *The reason we need the payment upfront is because we are also purchasing your fuel upfront at a secured rate.
Easy Pay Plan:

Our experience tells us the average homeowner uses 70% of their heating fuel in December, January and February…only three months! That can add up quickly with a single delivery costing as much as $500 or more, especially during the holiday season. Our Easy Pay Budget Plan allows you to spread your payments out over an 11-month period. Budgets that start in June will end in April. Budgets that start in July will end in May.

  • You can cancel anytime without penalty fees.
  • You will receive the market price at the time of delivery.
  • You will automatically receive our prompt pay discount when your budget is current.


All plans are subject to credit approval.


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